Karthika Masam 2023 Month in November Most Valuable Spiritual Main Journey 

karthika Masam 2023

The Holiest Karthika Month

Karthika Masam 2023, also known as the Karthikai in Tamil, and is considered as the holiest month

Lord Shiva's Kartik Month

Karthika Masam 2023 Month is sacred to Lord Shiva Devotees will believe performing prayers and rituals

Dip in many Rivers

Actually many Hindus take a real holy dip in the rivers, especially in the Ganges

Kartika Masam Deepam Festival

The lighting of the lamps, or deepam is a real prominent important tradition

Lord Krishna's Favorite Month

Lord Krishna is mainly said to have the loved this Karthika Masam Month

Fasting in this Karthika Month

Devotees observe the actual strict fasting and mainly perform during this Karthika

Tulsi Main Worship

important holy basil plant Tulsi, is mainly revered during this karthik month

Karthika year 2023

full moon day in this Karthika Masam month is known as the Karthika Pournami in Telugu

Karthika Snanam in River

Taking bath in rivers during this karthika known as Karthika Snanam